How to Break the Bonds of Negativity and Set Yourself Free

Have you ever had a day when your morning started on the wrong foot and then the rest of the day just followed suit? I know the feeling. I remember one day when I woke up late (which I knew was a start of a bad day). I rushed to get ready and hurried out of the house to find out I left my keys on the kitchen counter. So I let out a few colorful words and hoped I didn't wake up the neighbors at 5:00 the morning. I turned on my heels and rushed back towards the house with urgency to find out that the door is locked! Ugh! So there I am, ringing the bell and banging on the door, waking everybody up in the house to let me! I'm sure by now I woke my neighbors.

Don't you hate when things like that happen to you? How about the day you decided to wear white, and you spill coffee all over yourself, or how about when you step in dog poop because one of your kids never picked up after the dog! Ugh!!!!! Fabulous, another perfect morning!! Not!

Here is another one. Have you ever missed the train, because you never checked to see the alerts and they changed the schedule due to some work on the tracks! Of course, it would have to be the day that you're heading for an interview. So that sets your day for everything to go downhill. That's when you start to feel negative energy circling around you like a small tornado just waiting to make your day even better. It's not just situations that make you feel like this; it's our thoughts as well.

Life. It can be like an unpredictable storm. We have good days and bad days. But, ladies. What if I told you that you could take control of your life? What if I taught you how to always have this vibrant ball of bright light inside of you? Regardless of a good or bad situation. Wouldn't that be amazing to have that glimmer of hope despite tough times?

Hey, we all know that negative energy is everywhere. Sometimes, it could be someone: other times, a feeling of uncertainty. And, most times, it's how our thoughts cloud over us. It's the "what ifs, I can't, I'm scared, I won't."

Negative thoughts are what hinders us from becoming great. And you, my dear audience, are even greater than great. You deserve the very best! With that said, how can I cut off negative energy and thoughts?

First, we need to change our mindset and cut out our vocabulary of self-doubt or change that bad moment into a positive one. Replace the "what else could go wrong" to "this is just a little setback all is going well." How about changing those negative thoughts' from "what ifs" to "I can". The "I'm scared" to "I'm strong." Your mind is incredibly powerful, so set that switch to positive.

Second, negative thoughts come from negative energy. Have you ever come across someone that is just so opinionated and negative, and they never appreciate anything? Of course, you have; we all have.

My advice is to appreciate them for who they are and stay positive. It may be their way of venting. Try not to get caught up in their negativity. You don't need that toxic in your system. Think of all your blessings; appreciate every breath you take. Continue to attract positive energy around you. You can't change people, but you can always change who you are by staying positive—making the right choices that benefit you.

Now, what are some proven tips for surviving the roadblocks in life?

First, we need to understand that obstacles do exist; there is no way of getting around them. It's part of life. It could be your health, job, finances, family or friends, or your intuition that alerts you of a good or bad feeling. And guess what? Everyone does, too, so you are never alone!

Second, when a problem comes your way, always take a deep breath and think of how you would survive it. Be of sound mind and find a solution. Do some meditation and quiet your mind. Let your gut find a solution and follow it.

Always think of the "I can" and don't let your doubts take control because, ladies, once you survive this, you will break free. Once you master changing your negative vocabulary of self-doubt, you will always have this gush of positive thoughts. You will attract positivity, and you will live a positive life.

You are strong, unique, and brilliant. And don't ever let anyone blow out your fire. Positivity will free you, just like it freed me. Remember, your mindset is powerful, and don't be afraid to cut off negativity.

Well, that's it for this week's blog! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time out for yourself. May you bless with an abundance of health, happiness, and success. You deserve it!

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